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PRODUCT DETAILS Milspex Gen II SF Helmet Light (Black)

Milspex Gen II SF Helmet Light (Black)

Product Brand: Milspex
Product Code: MSPX-SFHL-BK
Length: 0 mm
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Unit Price: USD$26.90

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A compact multiple-output Helmet Light, with 3 white LEDs, 2 red LEDs and one blinking IR LED.
The white primary LEDs are perfect for general-purpose, close-work illumination. Whilst the red secondary LEDs serve the same purpose in a low-signature environment. The LEDs are good up to an arms length in distance, whereupon the light dissipates quickly.

The helmet light itself is very robust and can sustain various knocks and bumps in a skirmish game, however it is not recommended to deliberately knock the light against hard objects!

Includes a mount for fitting on 20mm rails!