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PRODUCT DETAILS RA Tech NPAS AK Complete Steel Bolt (for GHK) (Dim Grey)

RA Tech NPAS AK Complete Steel Bolt (for GHK) (Dim Grey)

Product Brand: RA Tech
Product Code: RAG-GHK-007
Length: 120 mm
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Unit Price: USD$180.00

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RA-Tech's NPAS is a negative pressure system to replace the floating valve system of the original GHK AK nozzle. The negative pressure system relies on gas pressure instead of contact with the BB to determine how much pressure the barrel receives.

In layman's terms; the Negative pressure system of the RA-Tech NPAS provides a more stable power, ensuring your power remains the same from one shot to the next.

The "Adjustment System" part of NPAS is exactly what it says on the tin; it allows the adjustment of the gas flow allowing you to tweak the power of your shots whether you want to dial it down for safe indoor use or boost it up for more effective long range shooting.