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PRODUCT DETAILS Dytac 12 Inch Recon Outer Barrel Assembley for Tokyo Marui M4 Recoil AEG (Black)

Dytac 12 Inch Recon Outer Barrel Assembley for Tokyo Marui M4 Recoil AEG (Black)

Product Brand: Dytac
Product Code: DY-OB04-12FF-BK
Length: 310 mm
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$70.00

Out of Stock


More and more aftermarket parts for the Tokyo Marui SOPMOD M4 recoil AEG are dripping onto the market and now Dytac brings us a broad variety of outer barrel lengths in silver and black.

Many other external parts can add to the tactical effectiveness of your weapon as well as just making it look good but it is barrel length that forms the backbone of your weapons aesthetic. With an M4 receiver, it is the difference in barrel length that defines it as a rifle, carbine, CQB assault weapon or an SBR (short barreled rifle).

The 12 inch barrel is only 2.5 inches short of the M4A1s standard 14.5 inch barrel. This small drop in length (about 17%) only effects your range and accuracy to a minor degree, in Airsoft this will translate into a distance of a few meters, certainly not much more then one more dash to close the gap on foot.

Those couple of inches is not a whole lot of difference but it makes it a little easier to move through heavier terrain. A 10.5 barely clears a rail system but the 12 clears it with a few inches so it still maintains a more M4A1 look. The 12 inch option is a good choice for someone who finds the 14.5 a little longer than comfortable but does not want to cut down too far (10.5 or lower).

Featuring 14mm CCW threaded muzzle.