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PRODUCT DETAILS FMA Full Auto Tracer - 14mm Silencer (Type-2) - CCW

FMA Full Auto Tracer - 14mm Silencer (Type-2) - CCW

Product Brand: FMA
Product Code: TB588
Length: 190 mm
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$31.00

Out of Stock


Night games are tremendous amounts of fun but how will we ever know where our BBs are going. We may rely on sights and optics but we will never know for sure where the BBs have gone. This is where the Tracer comes in!

There is a unique mechanical system within the Rounded tip suppressor which flashes every time a 'glow in the dark' BB flies through. It'll even work in full auto mode! All you need are 3 AAA batteries, glow in the dark BBs and you are ready for a thrilling night game!