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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema Taper Spring 300% for PSG-1

Systema Taper Spring 300% for PSG-1

Product Brand: Systema
Product Code: ZA-06-14
Length: 0 mm
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Unit Price: USD$33.97

Out of Stock


300% spring for PSG1 allows you to crank out 450fps+ of power. But the original stock gears will not generate enough torque to compress this spring, so this upgrade must be coupled together with high torque gears. We recommend this spring as a backup replacement spring after you install the Systema FTK upgrade for PSG-1 : FTK-12. Actual results depend on barrel length, workmanship, air nozzle seal, and many other factors.
Please check AEG Spring Comparison Chart from

Also at such a high spring rate, we recommend also installing a bearing spring guide to prevent unnecessary tension build-up.