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PRODUCT DETAILS Panasonic 9.6v 3000mah Battery (NiMH) - Large Type (Clearance)

Panasonic 9.6v 3000mah Battery (NiMH) - Large Type (Clearance)

Product Brand: Panasonic
Product Code: PNSN-96V3000
Weight: 600 g
Unit Price: USD$42.00
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High powered 9.6v 3000 battery for extreme upgrades. Not to be used with stock guns and recommended only for Level III and IV upgrades.

These are rechargeable batteries and you will need a Charger and Discharger to use these batteries. You can also opt for an Intellicharger which has a built in charger and discharger. Remember you need to discharge these batteries COMPLETELY before recharge for longevity.