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PRODUCT DETAILS Safariland 014 IPSC Holster for 1911 Series / CZ75 / STI (5

Safariland 014 IPSC Holster for 1911 Series / CZ75 / STI (5

Product Brand: Safariland
Product Code: SL-014-853-121
Weight: 442 g
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Unit Price: USD$205.00

Out of Stock


Safariland's 014 IPSC Holster body machined out of aluminum to stabilize the handgun, yet offers little resistance for a secure and fast draw. It has a ball joint on holster allows complete freedom of movement to customize the handgun draw.

It has a fully adjustable nosepiece accomodates barrels from 5" to 7.5" (13cm - 19cm) and will fit a variety of competition handguns, with or without red dot or magnified optics such as the 1911, CZ75, STI (5.1 Hi Capa).

There is an injection-molded adjusted trigger guard lock and a front nosepiece designed to retain handgun and help prevent gun from being knocked out of the holster once seated. It incorporates a simple push lock which secures handgun into the trigger block.

Available in Black and Red