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PRODUCT DETAILS Arena Flakjak Goggle Version 1 (OD)

Arena Flakjak Goggle Version 1 (OD)

Product Brand: Arena
Product Code: ARN-FLAKJAKV-01OD
Weight: 172 g
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Unit Price: USD$36.00

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This is a real steel goggle used by the US Military. FlakJak Version 1in Foliage Green has Ballistic lens TESTS for maximum eye safety,Z87.1 - 2003 Plus certified, MIL-STD-662F. (as related to 22 cal., 17 grain, Type 2 fragment simulating projectile) It also comes with another lens in Black shade.

Based on the independent report from COLTS LABORATORIES, Arena - Flakjak Goggles with Smoke Lens P/N FJ-K5112 does comply with MCEPS for the test(s) performed for MCEPS Requirements. The most amazing part of Arena goggles is the Razorback technology which helps to create a goggle that manages the environment triad of fogging, particulate and moisture.

Other features include:

OptiWide is their patent pending lens geometry that masters optical clarity and bends it beyond all periphery to create the industry's leading field of view. All lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1 standard.

BMRF stands for their Buckle Management Retention Fastener. The BMRF allows for quick and easy strap replacement in any condition. The modular buckle system allows the goggle to integrate with multiple helmet platforms.

VS Foam is proprietary goggle foam designed to wick moisture away from your face.

If you have a chance to compare Arena goggles against other brand goggles, you'll easily be able to tell the difference! These were military issue goggles during Desert Storm so they're the real deal.

Arena goggles use better materials and their build quality is superior than others! Also, you can try the fog test for yourself. Just take a pair of Arena goggles and blow directly into the lense, these goggles do not fog! Now attempt this test with any other brand goggle and watch how much their lenses fog. You will be able to tell the difference immediately!

Military packing so no box.