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PRODUCT DETAILS GHK PDW GBBR 2013 version - Compatible G5 Magazine

GHK PDW GBBR 2013 version - Compatible G5 Magazine

Product Brand: GHK
Product Code: GHK-GBB-PDW
Weight: 2,600 g
Length: 715 mm
Capacity: 42 rds
Power: 360 fps
Power Source: Green Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full auto
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Unit Price: USD$299.00

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Real PDW weapons are Personal Defense Weapons; small and compact weapons designed for rear echelon infantry. Professional combatants whose primary jobs are not combat often have nothing more than a sidearm to protect themselves; the PDW idea is to provide superior firepower to these troops that is still small and compact for tight spaces but also logistically simple to carry in the same military that similar weapons are used by front line troops.

The GHK is the PDW based on the AR layout so that operators can handle this new weapon as easily as their old M4 to minimize skill transition time. The PDW is smaller and lighter than most weapons, at around 2.4kg and 715mm it handles more like an SMG than a rifle and is light enough for many users to operate one handed.

The weapon is pretty much all metal; the upper is one piece with integrated rails on four surfaces including a full length top rail, even the grip, switches and stock are all metal. The frame stock folded down drops the 715mm weapon to 485mm. The fire selector is present on both sides of the weapon, the magazine release is also ambidextrous. The weapon comes with a QD sling mount which can be attached to an anchor either on the rear left side of the receiver or on the other anchor right on end plate when the stock is folded away.

It has been modified to use the new G5 30 Round magazine which uses Top / Green / Propane gas to chrono 0.2g 6mm BBs at 360 FPS making it great for short range use. The additional feature of this version is the ability to adjust the hop-up, giving users more flexibility on their shooting needs.

30rds is a nice compact number for a GBB short barreled rifle if you want realism. The full length top rail can be adorned with the included rail attach front and rear flip up iron sights.

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