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PRODUCT DETAILS Maruzen PPK/S Movie Prop (Metal Black) - Limited Edition (Licensed by Umarex / Walther)

Maruzen PPK/S Movie Prop (Metal Black) - Limited Edition (Licensed by Umarex / Walther)

Product Brand: Maruzen
Product Code: MZ-GBB-PPKBM
Weight: 480 g
Length: 300 mm
Capacity: 22 rds
Power: 220 fps
Power Source: HFC134a
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: semi
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Unit Price: USD$159.15

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This is the NEW Black Metal-coloured version of the classic Bond pistol. The Black Metal version, although not a completely metal gun, does have a look more alike that of a real steel one. After time, the finish will "brass" off nicely making it look like a vintage metal gun. It is the Movie Prop version, which comes in a boxed set complete with a Walther silencer. Like the previous one, it provides excellent performance in a tiny concealable package, the Walther PPK/S is a must for all Bond fans. Constructed from high quality ABS plastic and metal parts including safety, hammer, trigger, magazine, and magazine release button. It comes with a threaded metal barrel for attaching the included metal silencer. The silencer is lined with foam and has the right weight, so it keeps a good balance. The Maruzen PPK has a fast cycle time and the slide locks back after the last round. New design sports better blowback system through the use of a new valve. It comes packaged in a neat little hard case to carry/protect the kit.