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RWC M4A1 GBB (Clearance)

Product Brand: RWC
Product Code: RWC-WOC10X
Weight: 2,088 g
Length: 802 mm
Capacity: 50 rds
Power: 420 fps
Power Source: Green Gas/ HFC
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full Auto
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$298.00
Save 29%!

Out of Stock


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Take a look at the pictures and see the beauty of this amazing gas blowback rifle!

Redwolf Customs has finally released their M4A1 custom rifle, featuring the G&P metal body with the Navy SEAL 'Punisher' logo. The M4A1 is a fully automatic variant of the basic M4 intended for special operations use. This rifle has a "S-1-F" (safe/semi-automatic/fully automatic) trigger group.

Internals are all made from G&P and follows the WA system so magazines and upgrade parts are widely available.

This GBB rifle is capable of firing up to 420fps of raw power. Price tag is also cheaper compared to the original price of a normal G&P M4A1 rifle.

PLEASE NOTE: A custom gun can take up to 14 working days to make if we don't have one in stock.

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