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PRODUCT DETAILS AABB 40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher

AABB 40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher

Product Brand: AABB
Product Code: AB147
Weight: 694 g
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Unit Price: USD$66.00

Out of Stock


In real life of course a pistol sized (315mm) 40mm grenade launcher would never work as its recoil would be less than comfortable to say the least. However, in Airsoft, our Moscart 40mm grenade shower shells are essentially oversized shotgun cartridges. With a massive array of shells out there, they are best used to deliver a large amount of pellets in one enormous cloud. This pistol makes for a compact, lightweight option for carrying a grenade launcher as an auxiliary weapon.

Made of CNC Aluminium, this design is a prime example of just enough to get the job done. With a top-break like an M79 it is very easy and simple to operate with a thumb catch on the top.

This model uses a WA gas blowback M4 type pistol grip which attaches with the screw provided. The handle included is great but you can always swap it out with an aftermarket one if you are looking for a more personal touch.

5 inches of top rail and 3 inches of bottom rail allow the addition of optics and accessories and while these are largely not necessary certain situations may benefit from a flashlight or laser as a rapid aim assist. The rails are removable but please note that the rear of the top rail includes the notch that the locking catch engages in and so removal of the top rail would disable the top-break lock.

At 315mm long and around 700g in weight, this really is a pistol sized grenade launcher. Stick it in a secondary pouch on your vest or belt and you can completely forget about it until you need that super shotgun blast. One of the most effective uses of a launcher is entering into a confined space; a room or trench, a launcher can be a great first strike weapon. With a pistol sized launcher, you can do so with your off hand leaving your good hand free to rock a sidearm for follow up shooting.

It may not be as classic tactical as a rail attach or stand alone rifle launcher but the ability to keep that weight off your gun and to a minimum can be invaluable. Not to mention, this is probably one of the weirder Airsoft weapons out there. If you are a fan of the bizarre then why not consider something small, light, affordable and actually occasionally useful like this?

The 40 x 147mm chamber allows this model to accept the standard type 40mm Moscart shell but is not universally compatible with all models of shell. For instance, it will not take POM Type, Madbull M922A1, Stinger Gas Grenade Cartridge, GB Tech, S Thunder or Ares grenades.

It does take many other Madbull shells however, and others. If you are at all unsure if your grenades will fit prior to purchase, do be sure to check with the sales department about comparability. If you have not yet purchased any shells, ask sales for recommended models.

If you do not confirm shell compatibility with us, we can not be held responsible for any compatibility issues with grenades. Redwolf Service may be good but we are not psychic!